Choir History

Edmonton Young Voices (EYV) is a fun and educational choral experience for boys and girls in kindergarten through grade 12.  Singers from all parts of Edmonton and beyond are welcome to be part of this dynamic group of young singers. 

The choir was originally formed under the name Edmonton Junior Children’s Choir in 1998 by its founding director, Anne McIntrye.  Since Anne’s retirement in May 2009, the choir has been under the leadership of artistic director, Josie Burgess.  We are pleased that Anne McIntyre maintains a strong relationship with the choir and acts regularly as a workshop clinician and artistic advisor.

Since the choir’s formation in 1998, EYV has become recognized as one of Alberta’s finest children’s choirs, known for its artistic integrity and its fun, age-appropriate approach to music education. EYV presents winter and spring concerts each year and often participates in other interesting music experiences.  The choir has performed with the children’s entertainer Al Simmons, the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra, Canadian Idol finalist Martin Kerr, and collaborated many times with other Edmonton choirs.  EYV sings the highest quality age and text appropriate music from all styles and genres.

The Children’s and Chamber Choirs are pleased to have the opportunity to work with Sheila Wright, our pianist and resident composer.  The choir has been fortunate to present world premiere performances of four of Sheila’s outstanding choral compositions.  These include: “Song of the Worms”; "Canada Wind"; “Green Glass Beads”; and “Canadian Folk Song”.  We are looking forward to continuing this collaboration with Sheila and are hoping that she has something exciting up her sleeve for next year.